60V MAX Flex-Force 12-Inch Power Shovel | Toro® Snow Blowers


Make hand shovels a thing of the past with Toro’s 60V Max 12” Power Shovel. Part of the Flex-Force Power System®, this battery-powered shovel makes such easy work of blasting snow, dare we say you’ll enjoy it? Yes, yes we will.

Imagine how much backache, sweat, and tears clearing a 4-car driveway would require from an old-school hand shovel. No thanks. We'll take this battery-powered bad boy.

Power Curve™ Technology throws snow up to 25′ and with two speed options, you choose the power and control needed. More power when you want it and more control when you need it.

Toro’s 60V Max 12” Power Shovel’s powerful auger cuts through snow up to 6" deep. At a full 12" wide, it's the perfect size for quickly clearing decks, steps, patios, and walkways. Which also makes it the perfect wingman to a Toro cordless snow blower.

RunSmart® onboard intel optimizes RPMs and workload in real time giving you peak performance in the toughest conditions. More power, more runtime, more life from your tool.

This battery-operated power shovel is easy to use and easy to store.

Did we forget to mention you can use your Toro 60V Max Battery seamlessly between each of the Flex-Force Power System® battery-operated lawn equipment products? That’s right, use the same battery across all your tools including mowers, snow blowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and more.

Toro's Flex-Force Power System® includes the following battery-operated lawn equipment products:

60V Battery-Powered Mowers
60V Battery-Powered Snow Blowers
60V Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers
60V Battery-Powered String Trimmers
60V Battery-Powered Chainsaws
60V Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmers
60V Battery-Powered Pole Saws
60V Battery-Powered Snow Shovels

Learn more about these battery-operated lawn tools at toro.com/flexforce.